The title of our project, “A white mantle of churches”, focuses on the great wealth of artistic and architectural heritage carried by many existing Romanesque churches in the area.
But by no means should this overshadow the value of the landscape and the natural heritage of the area.
This area is less populated than other similar areas is and characterized by less intensive agriculture than other hilly areas of Piedmont.
The landscape has retained large tracts of natural features that have elsewhere been compromised. There are large areas of forest and the alternation of crops in small plots, both in the valley and in the hills, means that this local environment probably has similar characteristics to those of the Piedmont countryside in the distant past.
This is an area much less touched by man than other, internationally recognized destinations. But because of this, Monferrato has been able to preserve its original artistic, cultural and natural features, as well as its biodiversity. Monferrato is secluded, and perhaps up until now has been a little too ‘shy’. But it has many cards to play… and so much to offer.

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