Chiesa di Sant’Eusebio

he Saint Eusebio church is located close to a crossroads: in front of the façade runs the Casalborgone-Pralormo highway leading to Moncucco and Berzano, to the south-east of the church is the highway leading to Albugnano, finally crossed by the road leading to the town of Castelnuovo.

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Chiesa di Santa Maria di Rasetto

The Church of Santa Maria of Rasetto can be found halfway between Mondonio (a small village in the municipality of Castelnuovo Don Bosco) and Capriglio. Its location on a small hill, a little higher than the surrounding hills, allows one to view the surrounding, sloping hillsides covered by forests interrupted here and there by small fields and old farmhouses.

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Chiesa di Santa Maria di Cornareto

In the mid-fourteenth century the churches of Santa Maria di Cornalee, St. Michael and St. Thomas of Pogliano, located around 2 kilometres from each other on a hillside to the northwest of Castelnuovo, were governed by a single religious figure: the priest William (Guglielmo).

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