The concept

The logo for the shared actions through which are carried out the project “A white mantle of churches” aims to support the strongly evocative words “Romanico” and “Monferrato”. A few letters set, historically and geographically, the boundaries. A graphic sign whose colors change from green to blue evoking the line of the hills, completes the image. The hills evolve into a cloud resembling a folded and slightly elongated heart, giving an idea of ​​movement. The heart and clouds are intended to carry two distinct messages:

    • Monferrato, rich in precious, green Romanesque testimonies, the place of the heart;
    • the cloud understood as the digital ‘cloud’, the centre of global communication.

The choice of the Monserrat font with capital letters for the word ‘Romanico’, evokes the name of a precious Spanish Abbey. ‘Monferrato’ is written using the Bodini font in lower case, with a larger body size for the letter “f”. This font bears the name of the great Piedmontese engraver, typographer and printer Giambattista Bodoni.


Luca Mesini Luca is a freelance graphic designer from Turin, living in Asti. He studied at the Salesian Institute Bernardi Semeria in Castelnuovo Don Bosco. Amongst the first to work with McIntosch, he has worked for prestigious publishing houses including Allemandi, EDT, Lonely Planet, Art Newspaper, Giornale della Musica and Newspaper Architecture.

Versione Italiana