A project for growth

Looking at history to build the future.
This is how we like to sum up the significance of the project “… a white mantle of churches …” that we wanted to translate, for synthesis, into ‘Romanesque Monferrato’, the logo that identifies all of the communications and which gives its name to this site.
The departure point for this project is the knowledge of the existing heritage in order to contribute to, in multiple ways, the development of an area. This area, located between Asti and Turin is rich in examples of Romanesque architecture and until now has remained a little on the sidelines. It is an area that deserves to be better known.
To help achieve this twenty-two municipalities and two organisations (G.A.L. Basso Monferrato Astigiano and C.N.R. I.Ma.Mo.Ter.) coordinated by the City of Passerano Marmorito, have decided to unite in the promotion and coordination of effective communication and territorial development aimed at harmonious and sustainable development of this area. With the decisive support of the Compagnia di San Paolo the project, step by step, is being translated into concrete and coordinated actions.
This website is just one piece of the mosaic under construction that is gradually assuming a more definitive appearence, all in the wake of the message launched a few months ago by the Piedmont Region: “After UNESCO, I act.”

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