… Si sarebbe creduto che il mondo, gettando lungi da sè gli antichi vestimenti s’ornasse di un candido mantello di chiese…
Rodolfo il Glabro ( 985-1047) – Storie


A white mantle of churches … A challenging title for an area development project. But a title that expresses confidence and the desire to look forwards, as does the quotation from the abbot Rodolfo il Glabro that inspired the title. With admirable synthesis, Glabro expresses the desire for the future and the thrill of the new that ran through the veins of Europe after the year one thousand.
The project’s basic objective consists of the revival of, after a long period of uncertainty, research into a new path for the harmonious development of an area which is characterized by its rich, yet little known artistic heritage which dates back to the early centuries of the second millennium.
This hilly area of Monferrato is located between road and rail routes Asti-Torino and Asti-Chivasso in Piedmont.
There are twenty-four participants in the project, 22 municipalities and two organisations, the GAL – Basso Monferrato Asti and the CNR-I.Ma.Mo.Ter centre. The leading role is assigned to the Municipality of Passerano Marmorito. The project is fully supported by the Compagnia di San Paolo.
Through communication, training and promotion of local tourism this project aims to contribute to the development of social and economic relations in an area which has, until now, remained somewhat on the sidelines and undiscovered. This is, however, a part of Monferrato that is inexplicably in the shade and that deserves more attention.
“A white mantle of churches” through its training and communication under the “Romanesque Monferrato” brand, aims to provide some useful tools to achieve this goal.

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